Burpham & Wepham Village
West Sussex

Revitalising our playground: an appeal

Following a village meeting at the village hall on 10th March 2018 it was agreed that the very old playground and its equipment be revitalised with the ambition of providing an exciting playground for village children, grandchildren and visitors to the village.

We conducted a community survey and received enthusiastic and informative responses from 63 people.

The playground was donated in the 1960s by the Valentine family, who still have a house in Burpham, and it was refurbished in 1997 by the Village Committee.  Now it is the turn of the third generation to carry on this wonderful play space with its views across the valley to Arundel Castle.  We want to create an exciting environment for our children and grandchildren to enjoy the outdoors in the wonderful rural setting of this Ancient Monument.  The council has withdrawn funding, so it really is a situation where we must save it or pay to have it scrapped, which would be a scandal. 

We have set up a Facebook site  where we will provide funding updates.  Please 'like' our page and share it with friends. 

Fund-raising has started!

We have just started to fund-raise on several fronts. 
Make an Online Pledge 

You can pledge online by using the crowdfunding site https://www.spacehive.com/burphamplayground   We use this site because it allows us to access grant money set aside for crowdfunding.   You’ll need to enter your contact details and bank details, because the website sets up a forward dated once-only direct debit for the amount you pledge, which is triggered when the target is reached.   The contributions will be collected by GoCardless (similar to PayPal) who are entirely secure and who have verified our account.   They will pay all money collected by pledges and grants straight into that account

Funds are only taken once the full target is reached.  We've already had some donations, and we're over 70% of the way  to the first milestone, so keep them coming!  The site has a couple of examples of the playground designs submitted by suppliers to date. 

Traditional donations

If you want to pledge traditionally and help us reach our first milestone, please set up a standing order for a once-only payment into the bank account we have set up:

Bank Barclays
Account name: BVC Playground Fund
Sort Code 20 20 62
Account no.        43183653

with a specific date before 30th September.   

You should then send details of your pledge to Valeriebelton@gmail.com  with your name, postcode, email amount of your pledge and pledge date.  Val will then send you a Gift Aid form to complete, and we can then keep track of how close we are to our target.     If we fail to meet any of our targets, so we can’t go ahead with the playground, then we’ll refund the money.

You can of course donate cash, or send cheques to V Belton, Backwoods, Wepham, Arundel BN18 9RQ   Again, for Gift Aid, we’d like your email or postcode.
 If we don't hit our targets overall, we will refund the money to you.  We're looking for about 25,000 from individual donations, and more from grants so we can start work in Spring 2019. . 

 You can help by 'liking' and sharing the project on Facebook or emailing friends who have left the village. We have been bowled over by support from people who played here as children and who have fond memories,  even though they no longer live here. 

Val Belton has also applied for grants from GLL and Esmee Fairbarn Foundation, both of which support recreation in open spaces.  We will also apply for National Lottery funds. 

The Burpham Village Hall and recreation ground charity have made a substantial contribution from existing funds as part of our remit to provide social amenities within the Villages. 

In the interim we are asking village residents from Wepham and Burpham and Warningcamp to give time and enthusiasm to the  Friends of the Play Park (FOPP), so that this becomes  a truly communal project. 

If you have comments or thoughts and would like to contact us then please email

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