Burpham & Wepham Village
West Sussex

​​​Revitalising the village playground

Following a village meeting at the village hall on 10th March 2018 it was agreed that the very old playground and its equipment be revitalised with the ambition of providing an exciting playground for village children, grandchildren and visitors to the village.

The initial phase will be to seek clarification from relevant bodies as to what permissions we need, as well as getting vilage residents to say what they'd like to see.  We will then  ask a selected group of professional playground  contractors to present plans and outline costs. These plans will be put to the village for feedback.  We have to work within existing constraints, but we'd like to do as much as we can. 

When  we have chosen a target design, we'll start the fun part- fundraising. We expect funds to come from grants and existing funds as well as new sponsorship and fund raising events.  But we'd like the process to be as  inclusive as possible.  Obviously we'll then work within the funds we have raised to tailor our design. 

In the interim we are asking village residents from Wepham and Burpham and Warningcamp to give time and enthusiasm to the  Friends of the Play Park (FOPP), so that this becomes  a truly communal project. 


63 people responded to our community survey, many thanks, and the results (thanks Tom Tuppen) are published here

The FOPP held an initial meeting, and we created a Design Team (thanks to Victoria Holland, Miranda van Stratum and Karen Campbell) all of whome bring a relevant skills set to the project.  They will provide design and planning input to the process of appointing suppliers as we go forward. We are meeting suppliers in May and hope to have some initial designs to consider by end June, in time for the AGM. 

We intend to post documents and progress reports on this page, as well as the results of the survey, so that you can see how we are doing.  We have set up a public pinterest page for all sorts of ideas, so if you want to collaborate on the board, please let us know. Find it here

If you have comments or thoughts and would like to contact us then please email