Burpham & Wepham Village
West Sussex

Who are we, and what do we do?

There are two main bodies concerned with the day-to-day running of Burpham and Wepham, the Burpham Parish Meeting (BPM),  and the Burpham Village Hall and Recreation Groun, a registered charity, whose governing management body is the Burpham Village Committee (BVC) 

In addition, the Parochial Council is responsible for the upkeep of the  Church of St Mary's, and the vicar can be contacted on 07807 899199. 

Details of the Friends of Burpham Church, a separate charity which raises funds for the church,  can be found on this   website 
  1. The Parish meeting exists to discuss parish affairs and to conduct a number of statutory functions, such as (but not limited to) alteration of boundaries and rights of way, management of allotments, and appointment of trustees to parochial charities. It can also be an interested party in licensing applications, provide lighting for roads, and manage open spaces, include prosecuting others for encroachment. The Parish Meeting precepts the District Council for funds, and its use of those funds is audited and presented in annual Accounts. An AGM takes place between 1st March and 1st June each year. The Chairman is Paul Challen, who can be contacted by the village mail, burphamandwepham@gmail.com Privacy policy and access statement The Parish Meeting holds no personal data in its own right, other than the names and emails of its officers. We do email council officials and others, but we do not hold an organized database of personal data. Names of officers may be published in the Accounts and Annual assembly minutes, and these are a matter of public record. Annual assembly minutes can be seen at http://burpham.arun.gov.uk/main.cfm?type=MEETINGMINUTES. For Accounts, see below. -
    The Parish Meeting
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